In our Serenity Guest house , we cook both non-vegetarian and vegetarian items in indian traditional style. We use different vessels for veg and non-veg cooking.

Our cook is well experienced in indian traditional recipes to provide delicious items.

We are provide the food according to the daily basis menu. If you are willing to take any items apart from the menu, you need to inform before a day of checkin. Cooking items are not allowed in the Serenity.
We have 3 fully furnished and independent rooms in our Serenity home, with hygienic and modern bathroom, 24-hour hot and cold water supply.

Our house windows, doors, bed and all other interior furniture's are made by wooden tree.
Celebrating a birthday party at Serenity Topslip resort would be a great way with peaceful atmosphere with our family / friends / colleague...

If looking for a party that is just a little bit different from city crowd, Serenity will be your best choice.
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