About Serenity

The biggest sources of global warming causing gases in most homes come from heating, cooling, and electricity use for appliances and lighting.

So I have decided to build an pollution free home to fight with global warming. Finally I got my dream house "Serenity". Come here to Anamalai to feel the joy of calmness and pollution less surroundings. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can unwind your-self here for pure rejuvenation!

My home "Serenity" is completely different from others surrounding by green trees, pollution free area located near to the cool city "TopSlip". Serenity, the new type of home which is surrounded by 15 acres land gives you a true pollution free atmosphere.

Global Warming due to deforestation and releasing industrial gasses in the atmosphere lead to increase the content of carbondioxide. We can't really "avoid" global warming. It's going to happen rather we like it or not. It's already started and probably has been going on longer then we all think. But there's always a way that we can slow it down.

Build a house with trees to slow down the Global Warming....
360 Degree View